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Why are Daughters-in-Law the Only Ones Dying in Kitchens? Why not daughters ? Judge raises question!

सुनवाई के दौरान जज ने कहा ये कत्ल है एक्सिडेंट नही क्यों सिर्फ किचन में खाना बनाते वक्त बहूएं ही जल कर मरती है बेटियां क्यों नही? कोर्टरूम में क्या था जज का सवाल ?

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Language vs. Justice: How English-Only High Court Proceedings Are Sabotaging the Careers of Regional Advocates!

This article explores the issue of language barrier in Indian High Court proceedings and its impact on regional advocates, examining various legal obstacles, economic disparities, and potential soluti...

Explosive Courtroom Clash: Lawyer Sparks Heated Debate with Judge over Bagheshwar Dham!

During a hearing, a lawyer who was unhappy with the increasing popularity of the Bagheshwar Dham began to argue with the judge. Justice Vivek Agrawal became angry with the lawyer who was speaking out ...

Opposition challenges PM's New Parliament building inauguration; Legal view with AAG. Sanjeev Uniyal

नए संसद भवन के उद्घाटन को लेकर कांग्रेस और उसके कुछ सहयोगी दल बवाल मचा रहे है...

When Films Speak Louder: Confronting Forced Religious Conversions in the Face of Government Failure

Uncover the unsettling reality of forced religious conversions and the government's shortcomings through impactful films. Despite the urgent demand for stringent laws, authorities turn a deaf ear. Exp...

Why is BJP silent on Vedic Board and Temple Control ? Hindus in Distress!

Neither Recognition to the Vedic Board, Nor Return of Temple Control from Government: Where Does the BJP Stand on Knowledge Empowerment? Hindu Society in Distress - A Look at the Judicial Quagmire. Wh...

Banks Collusion Exposed || Demonetisation || Scam of Converting Black Money into White

During the demonetization period, there was a clever scam of converting black money into white through collusion with banks. However, this mistake should not be repeated. Watch this special report on ...

Shocking Impact of Halted 2000 Rupee Note! Exclusive Interview with Top Economists!

What impact will the circulation halt of the 2000 rupee note have on the country's economy? How beneficial is this decision for the general public? Will it deal a major blow to black money or is there...

The Tragic Tale of Hindu Temples Still Chained by Government Control Despite BJP's Pledges!

Despite the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) promises to liberate Hindu temples from government control, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Watch this special report that explores the o...

Supreme Court Shocks Mumbai Lawyers Association || Plea Against Rijiju, Dhankhar dismissed

What was the compulsion that led the Mumbai Lawyers Association to approach the Supreme Court against Law Minister Rijiju and Vice President Dhankar ? Advocate Brijesh Shukla Explains Why Such Base...

Supreme Court Verdict: Delhi Government Loses Control! Kejriwal's Sneaky Political Tactics Exposed

How groundbreaking is the Supreme Court's decision on the control of administrative decisions by the Delhi government? An exclusive interview revealing the cunning and ambitious politics of Kejriwal.



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