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Supreme Court Vacation Bench Rises In 30 Minutes After No Lawyer Appears In Court For Hearing

By Shashwata Sahu      Jun 28, 2022      0 Comments      4,391 Views
Supreme Court Vacation Bench Rises No Lawyer Appears In Court For Hearing

Supreme Court had to rise within 30 minutes after no advocate appeared for the matters listed for the day on Monday. A division bench comprising Justices Abhay S. Oka and M.M. Sundresh therefore adjourned all the regular matters.

On seeing that no lawyers were physically present in the court for the regular hearing matters, Justice Oka asked the court staff,

"Check on VC. Is anyone connected?".

Justice Sundresh said that,

"No one is here!"

The Bench observed that,

"Repeat the same list tomorrow, no one is there today."

Although the court did hear new cases, the regular ones dating back to 2014-2015 were not represented by lawyers. The Court ordered the physical or virtual listing of all these regular cases for the next day.

If all parties agree, the regular hearing matters will be heard by the Vacation Benches from Monday to Friday, as announced by the Supreme Court in May.

It was clarified that only matters from the notified subject categories will be heard in accordance with the Chief Justice of India's authorised guidelines and norms.

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