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'Don't threaten; leave this court,' CJI to SCBA president Vikas Singh

By Lawstreet News Network Lawstreet News Network      Mar 02, 2023      0 Comments      809 Views
'Don't threaten; leave this court,' CJI to SCBA president Vikas Singh

NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud on Thursday showed his outbursts towards SC Bar Association president Vikas Singh in a heated exchange over listing of a matter related allotment of land for lawyers chambers.

"Leave this court right now….. You cannot cower us down!", an angry Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud shouted at Singh.

The senior advocate mentioned the matter before the bench, comprising Justice P S Narasimha. He said even after the repeated requests and assurance, the case was not being taken up for hearing.

He said the matter has not been listed for six times.

"It will be listed in ordinary course," CJI told him.

On this, Singh said, "Then I have to come to your residence."

This caused an angry reaction from the CJI, who told Singh, "Leave this court right now….. You cannot cower us down!"  

Singh sought to his voice, saying he is answerable to the Bar.

"Mr Vikas Singh, please do not raise your voice. As a president of the Bar, you should be a mentor and leader of the Bar. I am sorry you are reducing the level of the dialogue….you filed an Article 32 petition claiming that a land which is allotted to the Supreme Court of India should be handed over to the Bar for the purpose of construction of chambers,” the CJI said.

"We will deal with the matter when it comes. Please do not try to twist our arm,” the CJI said.

"The court may dismiss the matter," Singh retorted.

The CJI said that he has given a date and it will be taken up on March 17.

"It will not be listed at serial number one of the board," the CJI said.

Following this, the CJI further told Singh, “I am the Chief Justice of this court. I have been here since 29 March 2000. I have been long enough in this profession for 22 years. I have never allowed myself to be browbeaten by a member of the Bar, by litigant, or by any one else. And, I will not do that in the final two years of my career”.

Singh, for his part, said that he is not seeking any favour and people have been waiting for 20 years for the chambers, and if the Bar is cooperating with the court it does not mean that Bar should be taken for a ride.

The CJI again told Singh to sort out his agendas outside the courtroom.

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