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Educate yourself about your Legal Rights with Know the Law legal column by Lawstreet Journal India. We provide comprehensive coverage of Legal Education, legal research in India, legal topics in India, including Legal News, the latest laws, cases, and regulations.

Know The Law
The Importance of Establishing a Cybersecurity Ministry in India

Discover the importance of establishing a dedicated Cybersecurity Ministry in India. This article highlights the current cybersecurity landscape, the need for coordination and collaboration, policy development, capacity building, public awareness, international cooperation, and more.

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Know The Law

Right to Be Forgotten: Legal Aspects of Personal Data Removal from Online Platforms under Indian Laws

Know The Law

How to Register an Online Harassment and Defamation Complaint Online: A Guide as per the IT Act 2000

Know The Law

Places of Worship Act, the Black Law of India: Explained

Know The Law

Indian Laws On Abortion: KNOW THE LAW

Is Azaan A Hate Speech ?

India, that is Bharat, known for its unity in diversity through its pluralistic society approach where there are numerous religious groups that practice diverse forms of worship and practice different...

Rights of a transgender person in prison [Read Advisory]

Fact: This is an advisory because the prisons come in the concurrent list of the Indian Constitution. It means that both the centre and state can make the rules on this issue. The order has been a...

Future of Arbitration in India

The legislature has been constantly making developments and amendments for the promotion of dispute resolution through arbitration in India. The fact that arbitration does not have a fixed procedure l...

How the Seventh Schedule Affects Delivery Of Public Goods

Such limited movements have reflected more centralisation, such as in 1976. N K Singh, Chairman of 15th Finance Commission has also often made this point, in addition to scrutiny of Article 282.

Read This Before Buying Any Property

Read This Before Buying Any Property The buyer will have all the right to know information about a real estate project and will also have the right to get all the necessary documents related to the pr...

Do Indian Citizens have Right to equal opportunity in matters of Public Employment?

On 30th November 1948 Article 10 was adopted. Later in the final draft of the Constitution of India Article 10 was put under Part III, i.e. Fundamental Rights, and was also changed to Article 16. Righ...

Decoding Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)

As a result, it is critical that the state's three organs, the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary, take steps to execute the Chapter on DPSP's socio-economic policies. The court's duty shou...

Difference Between Homicide and Murder under IPC, 1860

IPC discusses the circumstances under which a culpable homicide would amount to murder and the exceptions to the same sections lay down certain conditions when the culpable homicide would not amount t...

CROSS-BORDER INSOLVENCY: Report on the rules and regulations released in November, 2021 by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)

CROSS-BORDER INSOLVENCY: Report on the rules and regulations released in November, 2021 by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) The committee has issued guidelines for communication and coo...

Are we Really Equal as per Article 14 of the Indian Constitution?

Later by discussion Article 9 was divided into Article 14 and Article 15 and on 26th November 1949, the Constitution of India was adopted. Constitution of India, Constitution of India article 14




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