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Mystery trial: Is it a “national importance” for Qatar or something else is behind it?

By Lawstreet Bharat      Nov 02, 2023      0 Comments

In an exclusive interview with LawStreet Journal, Major General (Retd.) Anil Khosla of the Indian Army and Supreme Court Advocate Rubinder Ghumman questioned the rationale behind Qatar's local court verdict, which sentenced eight navy personnel to death.

"We are unaware of the seriousness of the offense," Mr. Khosla remarked that the trial was shrouded in secrecy, with minimal information regarding the charges and evidence against the former Indian Navy servicemen who were arrested in August 2022.

Supreme Court Advocate Rubinder Ghumman emphasized, "This is a matter of geopolitics."

It is worth noting that despite pleas from their families and Indian diplomats in Doha, Qatar has not provided an explanation for its reluctance to disclose details of the case. Furthermore, the judgment has not yet been shared with India. Multiple reports suggest that the men have been accused of sharing classified information related to the stealth submarine program they were involved in, with a third country.

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