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Why India deserves a permanent UNSC seat?

India's long-running drive for permanent membership on the UN Security Council has received backing from many countries. Recently, Elon Musk called the absence of India as a permanent member of the UNSC "absurd."

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Why are Iran and Pakistan striking each other’s territory? Here is all we know!


What is South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the ICJ?

Gabriel Attal becomes France's youngest, first gay PM

Gabriel Attal, at 34, became France’s youngest Prime Minister, and the first to be openly gay.

Judge attacked in Las Vegas courtroom during sentencing

Judge in Las Vegas attacked by man who was denied probation. Here's what happened next.

Qatar court commutes death sentence of 8 ex-Navy personnel

Qatar court reduces punishment given to ex-Indian Navy personnel. Here's what MEA said.

This is why K Pop Band ‘BTS’ found place in a bail order by Kerala High Court [Read Order]

In a Kerala High Court order granting bail in a PCOSO case, Korean pop band “BTS” found a mention. Read this story to know more.

Pannun 'murder plot' case: Nikhil Gupta forced to eat beef, family tells Supreme Court

The family of Nikhil Gupta, the man accused by the United States of conspiring to kill India-designated terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, has told the Supreme Court that Gupta has been tortured with ...

After Supreme Court’s Article 370 judgment, China reiterates claims over Ladakh

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Article 370 will not impact the Chinese position on Ladakh, a spokesperson for the Chinese government said on Wednesday.

COP28: All that happened at UN Climate Summit

The COP28 has concluded with a landmark agreement among nearly 200 countries to begin reducing global consumption of fossil fuels, marking a significant step towards the eventual end of the oil age. F...

Italy withdraws from China's Belt and Road project, here’s why

Italy pulls out of China's Belt and Road Initiative. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni explains why Italy pulled out now.

India reacts to US accusing Indian in foiled plot to kill Khalistan separatist [Read Unsealed Indictment]

A newly unsealed U.S. criminal indictment accused an Indian intelligence official of planning a plot to allegedly kill Khalistan separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. Will this case escalate diplomatic ...

Why Hindu temples being demolished in Pakistan?

Pakistan continues crackdown on Hindu Temples, not even UNESCO-protected sites spared. There is huge resentment among the people regarding this.




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