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The Role of the Supreme Court of India as a Protector and Warden of the Constitution

Explore the role of the Supreme Court of India as a protector and warden of the Constitution, including upholding fundamental rights, interpreting the Constitution, landmark judgments, balancing fundamental rights, public perception and accountability, and preserving the federal structure.

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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity: GDPR, CCPA, and Other Privacy Laws, as well as Concerns about Data Breaches

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Artificial Intelligence and Law: The Impact of AI on Legal Practice and Potential Regulatory Issues

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'Section 143-A of Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 open to misuse'

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Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay asks PM to ensure replies on plea against 1991 law on Places of Worship Act

Circuit Benches of Supreme Court: The Pros and Cons - Analysis by Adv. Ameya Mahadik

Dr. Ambedkar's amendment can be interpreted to mean that so long as the Supreme Court sits in Delhi, it will not have the right or the privilege to hold a circuit court anywhere else in the country. F...

Lawyers who take up non-legal jobs for more than 5 years will have to reappear for AIBE: BCI Tells Supreme Court

The affidavit was filed pursuant to an order passed by the top court on April 21 in a case filed by Advocate Durga Dutt concerning maintenance of standards of legal profession and legal education.

Glorification of Women versus Belligerent Female Foeticide in India

In Voluntary Health Assn. of Punjab v. Union of India, (2013) 4 SCC 1, the Supreme Court in its watershed judgment on female foeticide decided it to be the most aggravated form of dehumanization of t...

Stop Dividing India On Minority-Majority Basis: BJP LEADER ASHWINI UPADHYAY

The Constitution of India is by the Indians and for the Indians. Globally, there are 6000 plus languages. Can we consider a Chinese or French-speaking person a linguistic minority? If yes, then India ...

Cross Border Marriages And Misuse Of Territorial Jurisdiction

The implications of an invalid divorce may appear many years later and even may arise after the death of the person who got the invalid divorce from a foreign court. With the changing times, the laws ...

Mosques are not controlled and governed by the Govt. Then why 4 lac Hindu Temples are ?

A plea has been filed in Madras High Court challenging the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment (HR&CE) Act, 1959. The Counsel of the petitioner, R Giriraj, said that there is no such Act for any ...

Does the Waqf board hold any relevance in the secular India of today?

Towards the end of the clip, Advocate Jain can be seen questioning the leaders of our land, the Central Government, and the parliament to look into the above and review such biased provisions for the ...

All you need to know about the Doctrine of Election

Principle of compensation. Various aspects such as Proprietary Interest, Compensation estimated, indirect benefit, the intention of the donor etc have been dealt and explained for the enhanced underst...

Marital Rape: A Myth Or A Reprehensible Reality?

recognition properly. It is high time for the recognition of these laws, however, if not, the question will rise for the future purposes, as to whether the life and rights of an individual is more tha...

Appeals under the Commercial Courts Act: The Saga Continues! By Saurabh Seth

Appeals under the Commercial Courts Act: The Saga Continues! || Commercial Courts Act, Commercial Courts Delhi, Commercial Courts in India



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